My name is Marcos and Roble & Nogal (Oak and Walnut) is my fairly uncommon operation. I started messing about with wood in my garage and got so hooked that in a short time I went from there to a full blown industry, though I still make everything myself. Usually woodworking companies choose between specialising in panels and modern materials, or working with solid wood. In Roble & Nogal I combine wood species sourced globally with acrylic, metal, glass, panels, composites and lacquered surfaces.

The equipment and workflow are also unorthodox. State of the art machinery is used both for quality and precision, and to be able to accept large orders without having to outsource any part of the process. Everything is made by me, but helped by CNC machinery, lasers and other monsters that are usually found in huge industries.

Last but not least, I aim for my customer relations to also be different. When dealing with an artisan, often deadlines, finish quality or reliability are lacking. On the other hand, when dealing with a large company the bureaucracy and impersonal approach can be frustrating. The aim in Roble & Nogal is for my customers to have access to premium bespoke furniture, with the reliability and quality of an industry but maintaining the direct and familiar communication of an artisan.